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I used to roleplay Oxnard, Ask Yoshi, Sable from AC.

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Jul 4 '12
Stay in the warm, fuzzy comfort of shirtless furry menfolk. ;3

Stay in the warm, fuzzy comfort of shirtless furry menfolk. ;3

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    Furries, protecting you from the internet. :P
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    Time for some clarification from an Eagle Scout! You’re only allowed to join actual Boy Scouts when you come of age...
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    can’t, I literally
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    I just
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    It looks more like they want to show you what “Bear” means in the inner city.
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    I don’t think the Boy Scouts of America really thought this ad campaign through properly. Also, why is INTERNET in that...
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    My son has the most recent Scouting manuals but not this comic (booklet? poster?) The Scouts have firmly embraced the...
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    The Boy Scouts’ furry mascots of internet safety…
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    Calling for a survey of how many furries were once boyscouts
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    I feel like this is a little ironic…
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    Be safe on the internet, hang out with a bunch of furries!
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