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Jul 14 '12

Some outfits for 2. And here’s 2’s BB Theme Song.

Always sorta bothered me that hermaphrodites are usually only in art and stuff for the sake of sexy times. I wanted to create a character that could be both genders and wouldn’t have to be used for sexual gratification. However, I’m sure I’d fuck up anything gender related, so apologies in advance.

The character’s name and preferred pronoun is 2 - sometimes 2 feels like a he, sometimes like a she. (I keep accidentally calling 2 a her, 2 may be a bit more female.)

2 is very adaptable and enjoys being male, female, and more. 2 is Gender Sure, confident and not confused about her identity.

Being a chameleon, 2 can change color. 2 has a thing for belts, wigs, dress up, and will be in the Boxer Briefs tournament to settle some past relationship issues.

  1. catherinejeanette said: super kawaii and I love your ideas about 2’s gender bending. Did you ever like the Ranma 1/2 manga?????
  2. archetypalschematic said: by comparison of the gaydar-alike outfit, it seems it’s either tighter fitting or 2 has a bigger package.
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  4. metrosexualloveweasel said: 2 is sexy as hell as green :3
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